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Birthwell- your premiere Los Angeles midwife – provides comprehensive and holistic pregnancy and childbirth services. We specialize in catering to the needs of women and families by providing exceptional care options and informed choice. Our nurse-midwives offer safe and evidenced based prenatal care, home birth, and waterbirth. Our caring and experienced birth and postpartum doulas will lovingly support women wherever and however they choose to birth.


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Birthwell has many wonderful Services and Holistic Affiliates that provide a wide range of fabulous ways to support women in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and with their newborns. You can read more about our childbirth services in Los Angeles below.


Certified Nurse Midwife Attended Homebirth and Waterbirth

Homebirth is a safe and wonderful alternative to giving birth in a hospital. In the familiar environment of your own home, Birthwell Midwives create a nurturing and loving space, allowing your body’s birthing rhythm to take its natural course, while safeguarding your privacy and emotional well-being, and respecting your personal preferences.


Angel Doulas for Hospital Birth and Recovery Care

Birthwell Angels Doula Services is the top Doula Agency in Los Angeles. We act as the liaison between you and the perfect professional for your birth and/or postpartum needs.
We know you have a busy schedule, and our goal at Birthwell Angels Doula Service is to Streamline the often time-consuming and overwhelming task of selecting the perfect doula.
Once you’ve registered, we do a thorough intake call with you to fully understand your needs. This allows us to select one or two of our expert doulas for you to interview that we believe will be a perfect match for your personality, your price point, and the type of birth or early parenting experience you desire.
We know all our Angels extremely well; each one has been thoroughly background-checked and vetted, and come with excellent reviews.

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Best of Both Worlds: Concurrent Care with Midwife and Obstetrician

“The best thing a woman can do is engage the services of a childbirth assistant: a doula,” says Dr. Donald Creevy, Obstetrician.
Dr. Christiane Northrup, Obstetrician and author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom states, “It took John Kennell and Mar- shall Klaus six controlled prospective trials on the presence of a doula to prove that the energy field surrounding the pregnant woman, the energy of nurturing and caring, those very real, tangible qualities, can effect the labor profoundly.”
As John Kennell says, “If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it” (Arms 1998).

When women are in charge of their environment, when they have the privacy to labor undisturbed, when they feel completely at ease and supported, outcomes are always superior
— Elizabeth Davis