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Birthwell- your premiere Los Angeles midwife – provides comprehensive and holistic pregnancy and childbirth services. We specialize in catering to the needs of women and families by providing exceptional care options and informed choice. Our nurse-midwives offer safe and evidenced based prenatal care, home birth, and waterbirth. Our caring and experienced birth and postpartum doulas will lovingly support women wherever and however they choose to birth.

Why Use a Doula

From the Doula Organization of North America (DONA):

“Facing unprecedented pressures to reduce expenses, many hospitals are targeting the largest single budget item – labor costs…. An unintended consequence of nursing cutbacks may be an increased Cesarean rate.

The inability of a pared down nursing staff to provide continuous coverage to laboring mothers (has been) shown to increase the chance of a Cesarean…. Doulas clearly improve clinical and service quality; they provide an absolutely safe way to reduce Cesareans and other invasive birthing interventions.”

Coming to Term: Innovations in Safely Reducing Caesarean Rates. Medical Leadership Council, Washingtion D.C. 1996.

Right now in the United States, the Caesarean rate is about 30% of all births!


Birthwell Angel Birth Doulas

Studies show that doula-attended births are shorter, have fewer interventions and complications, have better baby health outcomes, and better breastfeeding outcomes. Learn how Birthwell Angel Birth Doulas can support you and your partner during your birth.

Birthwell Angel Postpartum Doulas

Our postpartum doulas in Los Angeles care not only for the birthing parent but also her partner, the baby, the home, and siblings. We help your home run smoothly s you make this transition.