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Oriental medicine is ideal for use during pregnancy and child-birth as it offers a safe, easy to administer, inexpensive treatment for women. Because of the high potential for side effects from modern Western pharmaceuticals, many expectant mothers find it to be an effective alternative. With the avoidance of certain points, we can treat a woman during pregnancy without causing harm to the mother or baby. Because acupuncture can be deeply relaxing, the pregnant woman often falls in to a yogic sleep during a treatment and enjoys a much-needed rest.

Acupuncture can be applied in early and late stages of pregnancy as well as during labor for pain relief. In the late stages of pregnancy acupuncture can promote the maturity of the cervix and birth channel therefore reducing the duration of labor significantly.

Stagnation of a woman’s Qi and blood typically slows the process of labor and can make it more painful. Acupuncture acts to create and move more Qi and blood through the body, thereby clearing stagnation and allowing for an easier and shorter labor.

Other conditions that acupuncture may help during pregnancy include nausea, heartburn, headaches, constipation, hemorrhoids, and backache.

Acupuncture is also effective for turning breech presentations, inducing labor, reducing the discomfort of contractions, and helping to expel the placenta.